Detoxify With the New Vida Pod Treatment

At Vida, we realize life is fast and furious and leaves us with so little time to rest. That’s why we’ve introduced the Vida Pod Treatment, exclusive to our Westin Bayshore Vancouver location.

The Vida Pod Treatment is positioned around our Ayurvedic foundation. These treatments work from the inside out to bring your dosha (personality) into perfect harmony so you can enjoy optimal health.

After an application of essential oils specific to your dosha type, you are cocooned in your private west coast cedar steam cabinet. Enhanced with herbs customized to your dosha, the steam cleanses and detoxifies your system. Following your custom Vida Pod steam, an herbal powder brushing of the entire body stimulates and exfoliates your skin to prevent re-entry of toxins.

45 Minutes $100
60 Minutes $125 (incl.15 min Head & Scalp massage)

Vida treatments revitalize your external sense of well-being while restoring your internal sense of vitality and energy. Each treatment is as unique as your needs so your body, mind and spirit can all be brought into perfect harmony.

From philosophy to practice, we aspire to deliver an unparalleled spa experience. We offer the most qualified therapists and the finest facilities and surroundings. This is the essence of our brand. Every Vida treatment, every Vida product and every Vida experience is committed to this promise.

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