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Vida Spas Guide to Preventing Exposure to COVID-19 in the Workplace for both Staff and Guest Safety.

The Safety of our Staff and Guests is in the forefront of Vida’s mind.  In addition to following all provincial health orders from the provincial health officer and following the guidance of BC Centre of Disease Control, we have taken our own proactive safety measures.

We ask every member of our team to inform us if they have any concerns relating to being exposed to COVID-19 such as specific tasks that concern them that may involve interacting with others.

We have identified exposure hazards and have developed the following measures to control exposure.

    • All team members must call into the spa the night before the start of their shift if it is an am shift, or the morning of the start of their shift They will confirm they are not displaying symptoms (e.g., fever, cough, sore throat, sneezing), whether or not the illness has been confirmed as COVID-19. Notes will be added to the top of the team members shift noting OK.
    • Team members who have travelled internationally will not be scheduled for 14 days post return. It is mandatory for all travelers returning to Canada to self-isolate for 14-days.
    • Guests will be asked the same questions during the booking process. Notes on client profile will note OK.
    • Staff and Guests will both have their temperature checked upon arrival to the spa.
    • Staff will be encouraged to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer frequently. Before, during, after and between services. Guests will be asked to do the same.
    • Enhance cleaning and disinfecting of the spa, particularly high-contact items such as door handles, faucet handles, keyboards, and shared equipment.   A daily check list with times completed will ensure this is being completed regularly in common areas.
    • A checklist will be in every treatment room. After each treatment, team members must take the 30 minutes allocated after each service to disinfect all door handles, switches, bed surfaces, counters, product, and equipment. They will initial completed before leaving the room.
    • It will be mandatory that all Vida Team members and guests wear a mask when on site in the hotel or spa. Guests can remove their mask during treatment once in the treatment room.
    • Hand sanitizer and Kleenex boxes will be readily available at the front desk, in the staff room and dispensary, in the lounge and in treatment rooms. If team members need to itch their face, even after hand sanitizing it will be recommended, they take a clean Kleenex each time to do this to avoid touching their face and skin.
    • All linen has been removed from the treatment rooms and sent back to the laundry supplier.
    • Prior to re-opening, all rooms will be thoroughly disinfected, and fresh linen will be brought back in and placed in closed cupboards in treatment rooms or if exposed, in a central location so that all surfaces can be wiped down between guests.
    • All product testers in retail, lounge books and brochures have been removed.
    • Blankets have been removed and replaced with Bath Sheets (oversized bath towels) for warmth and increased hygiene. They will be laundered professionally after every guest along with all other linen used on each guest.
    • Team members will wear disposable aprons and they will be replaced between guests.
    • Appointments will be staggered to limit the number of guests and team members in the spa.
    • Only two team members will be in the staff room at once.One team member in dispensary at once to gather their needs and continue to their treatment. Other team members will wait in the hall until the dispensary is free to enter.

Booking Process

  • Guests will be asked if they have flu like symptoms, have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or have traveled outside of Canada in the last three weeks. If the guest answers yes to any of the above, the guest will be asked to call back after a two-week self-quarantine period. Notes will be added to the guest profile.
  • If the guest answers no to all the above questions, the appointment will be booked in.
  • Appointments will be staggered in bookings so that guests are arriving and checking out at different times. There will be a limited number of team members in the spa.
  • Treatment rooms with windows will be booked with priority. Guests will be given the option if they would like the window to open for fresh air flow. Therapist can explain this was done for 30 minutes prior to their treatment.
  • 30 minutes will be blocked after each guest for team members to disinfect every surface that has been touched using the Vancouver coastal health approved disinfectant. This will include counters, light fixtures, music buttons, door handles, bed, hot towel cabi door, all containers or bottles touched. Prior to beginning the disinfecting process, room windows can be opened.
  • Guests will be asked to wear a mask into the hotel and spa and will be informed there will be two safety check points. The first will be at entry into the hotel. Here, their temperature will be taken. They will be issued a paper showing they have passed this check point which will have an expiration date on it.  When the guests arrive at the spa, their temperature will be taken again as a secondary safety check.  In treatment, guests may remove mask.
  • Guests will be informed our team members will be going through the same safety check points when arriving for their shift and they will also be wearing a mask and a face shield depending on the service type. Team members will be told not to come into work if they have flu like symptoms or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.
  • Guests will be informed Plexiglas has been installed on our front desks, between pedicure and manicure stations for added safety measures.
  • Guests will be asked to limit the number of bags and jackets they arrive with.
  • If the guest is staying in the hotel, they will be asked to put on a clean hotel robe just prior to coming down for their service.
  • Confirmation calls will be made the day prior to each service. If the booking was made more than 24 hours from confirmation calls, the guest will again be asked if they have any flu like symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19.

Guest Arrival

  • A note will be on the door asking guests to wait outside if there are two guests in the reception area.
  • Once the guest comes into the spa, a hand sanitizer will be present. If they do not sanitize their hands, they will be asked to.
  • If the guest does not have a face mask present, they will be handed one.
  • Guest temperature will be taken with touchless thermometer. If the guest temperature is fine, guest will continue to be checked in.
  • A verbal medical history form will be completed, and the medical form will be passed to the guest for signature. The form will then be taken back and placed in a folder.
  • Pens will be sanitized after every guest.
  • Guest agents will sanitize hands after placing the medical form in the folder and sanitizing the pen.
  • Guest will then be given a clean robe and taken to the hotel health club to change and return. Guest will be given access to the health club and guest agent will explain from a distance, amenities inside, how to change and to return to the spa. All personal items will be asked to be placed in the lockers provided with directions on the inside of the locker door.  Guest agent to return to the spa and desk and sanitize their hands.
  • When the guest returns, they will be taken to the lounge where another hand sanitizer will be placed. Guest will be taken to a spot in the lounge that is 6 feet away from another guest should there be another guest in the lounge. Prior to guest sitting, guest agent will place a new bath sheet on the couch for the guest.  This bath sheet with then be removed and sent to laundry.
  • Guest will be offered tea or water and if they choose one, guest service agent will sanitize their hands prior to dispensing in a disposable cup. A sign will be placed by the water asking guests if they are refilling their water or tea to kindly take a new cup to avoid risk of contaminating the waterspout.

Therapist and Esthetician Greeting Guest

  • The therapist or esthetician will have a face mask present at all times. They will be given the option to wear a face shield with the face mask if they feel more comfortable. When the guest is face down in treatment, team members will have the option to remove their face mask. If the therapist chooses to remove their mask, they must use a hotel towel place in hot towel cabi and hand sanitizer prior to doing so and prior to re applying their face mask.
  • They will have a disposable apron on that has been replaced for this guest.
  • They will greet the guest by name and welcome them. There will be no handshake.
  • They will ask the guest to follow them to the treatment room.
  • In the room they will explain all surfaces have been disinfected between guests including bed surface, door handles and light switches.
  • All linen on the bed is laundered after every guest.
  • A verbal consultation will be done again covering any medications or health issues the therapist should be aware of. Estheticians will do the same asking the usual precautionary questions such as recent peels and other.
  • Therapist will say they will be leaving the room to thoroughly wash their hands.
  • They will ask the guest to lay face down for a massage and if both the therapist and therapist are comfortable, they may remove their mask while face down. When they turn over, they are welcome to put their mask back on or remain with their mask off. Therapist will remain in mask and if guest chooses to take their mask off while face up, therapist may choose to wear a face shield if more comfortable.
  • Guest will be asked if they are comfortable with everything
  • Upon re-entry they will use hand sanitizer again.
  • Guest and team members will also be given the option to use gloves to do the massage if they feel more comfortable.
  • If a team member sneezes during a treatment. They will explain to the guest that although they have a mask on, they did sneeze into a towel for added protection. That you will step out of the room to change your mask, wash your hands and then return.  Once back in the room, hands will be sanitized while informing the guest.


  • The therapist or esthetician will have a face mask present at all times. They will be given the option to wear a face shield with the face mask if they feel more comfortable. When the guest is face down in treatment, team members will have the option to remove their face mask. If the therapist chooses to remove their mask, they must use a hotel towel place in hot towel cabi and hand sanitizer prior to doing so and prior to re applying their face mask.
  • They will have a disposable apron on that has been replaced for this guest.
  • They will have a disposable apron that has been replaced for each guest.
  • They will follow normal protocol. If the guest chooses to stay in mask for their massage, they may find it difficult to breathe with the mask on. They can be guided to turn their head to the left or right and the therapist will accommodate the massage. 
  • The back and back of legs will be massaged. There will be no foot massage or scalp massage.
  • When the guest turns over, the hand and arms will be massaged along with the front of the legs.
  • Therapist will sanitize their hands post hand massage.
  • If the guest is receiving a facial, a face shield and mask must be present by the esthetician.
  • If esthetician is comfortable and with her two protective measures in place, guest may remove mask during the service and then replace it prior to leaving the room.
  • All regular protocols will be taken to ensure hygiene is met. IE using a clean disposable spatula to dispense product being used on the guest.
  • If a guest is having a manicure or pedicure, masks are to remain on at all times.
  • Estheticians will wear gloves, masks and face shields during pedicures. The face shields will allow for social distancing between team members and guests receiving manicures.
  • Estheticians will wear gloves and masks at all times.
  • Manicures will start with asking the guest to hand sanitize prior to soaking the hand.
  • When therapists and estheticians finish their treatments, all surfaces and areas touched will be wiped down with the coastal health approved sanitizer. This will include wiping down any jars or oil bottles used before replacing them on any shelf. Disinfecting wipes will be provided for this purpose.
  • New linen replaced. Apron removed and replaced with a new one prior to greeting the next guest.

Guest Check Out

  • Therapist and Estheticians will wait for the guest outside of the room as they change.
  • Guest will be escorted to reception and asked to see lower reception.
  • Guest will be handed an itinerary to sign and for payment. This will all take place through the Plexiglas protector.
  • Cash will not be accepted.
  • Guest will be thanked.
  • Once the guest leaves, guest agent will place the signed itinerary in a folder. They will wipe down the credit card process machine, sanitize the pen and then sanitize their hands.
  • If Guest Agent tidy’s the lounge and removes soiled bath sheets or cups, they are to sanitize their hands immediately following.

Between Guests Coming and Going

  • Front door handles, desk counters, keypads, and all areas guests may have touched will be wiped down and sanitized.

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