At Vida, our treatments revitalize your external sense of well-being while restoring your internal sense of vitality and energy. Each treatment is as unique as your needs so your body, mind and spirit can all be brought into perfect harmony.

Live well. Live long.

COVID restrictions are currently in place due to capacity issues. Some or all facilities may not be available to spa guests. If you plan to use the facilities during your spa visit, please inquire with a guest service agent at booking.

From philosophy to practice, we aspire to deliver an unparalleled spa experience. We offer the most qualified therapists and the finest facilities and surroundings. This is the essence of our brand. Every Vida treatment, every Vida product and every Vida experience is committed to this promise.

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Spa treatment benefits: 1) Improve sleep - sleep is essential for the body to restore itself. 2) Saunas & massages release toxins. 3) Facials can prevent the signs of aging. 4) Restore mental balance with self-love. 5) Spa treatments leave you feeling relaxed & rejuvenated.

Summer Facts: During the summer heat, iron in the Eiffel Tower expands, making it grow more than 6"! People eat an average of 20 quarts of ice cream/yr. A favorite summertime treat is watermelon. It consists of 92% water. Manicured feet are a must for sandal season! #Pedicures

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