Don’t worry, we have you covered for your corporate thank you gifts, staff gifts, and family and friends!

We can help you customize them based on budget choosing from an array of retail items or a Vida gift card. Gift boxes with a selection of products will be delivered to your office.

Vida feature treatments to help ease your holiday shopping:

TENSION TARGET MASSAGE Four treatments specifically designed to fit your budget and to target a different area of the body incorporating a stress-busting massage. Vancouver 30min $95 Whistler 30min $110

SWEDISH DETOXIFYING MASSAGE A Swedish massage technique incorporating detoxifying essential oils to flush away toxins and impurities. Vancouver 60min $195 / 90min $290 Whistler 60min $220 / 90min $330

MINDFUL MASSAGE A medium pressure Swedish style technique on the body paired with pressure point movements throughout the scalp to relax the mind. ($22 from every ‘Mindful Massage’ will go to the BC Epilepsy Society) Vancouver 60min $195 / 90min $290 Whistler 60min $220 / 90min $330

HYDRATING BODY WRAP WITH EXFOLIATION 60min includes cream application, 90min includes 45min massage and 120min includes 75min massage. Vancouver 60min $200 / 90min $300 / 120min $400 Whistler 60min $225 / 90min $340 / 120min $450

OXYGENATING FACIAL A deep all natural peel followed by the application of rich proteins, nutrients and antioxidants revitalizes the look of fatigued skin. Vancouver 60min $190 / 90min $285 Whistler 60min $215 / 90min $320

SOLE THERAPY PEDICURE After your toes and feet are thoroughly groomed, our estheticians will focus on massaging the muscles in your lower legs and feet. Vancouver 30min $65 / 60min $95 / 90min $140 Whistler 30min $80 / 60min $105 / 90min $155

POWER EYE TREATMENT This gentle peel works on the eye contour. It will brighten, improve the skin tone and texture and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Vancouver 30min $95 Whistler 30min $110

Receive a $20 off Vida gift card with any $100 or more in-store gift card purchase to use on your next spa visit.

Minimum number of gift boxes required for delivery. One $20 off card redemption valid per visit. Offers and $20 off gift cards valid until Dec 31, 2022.