This is how you help the individual you give a Vida Spa Gift Card this holiday season, and all year long!

The Gift of Massage

When someone is stressed or going through a difficult time, the body’s biochemical system is thrown off and the natural elimination process of toxins is jeopardized. With the body not expelling toxins as it normally would, these toxins are absorbed into the muscles. Applying pressure to muscles during a massage will break down toxins, relieve stress, and balance your entire system. A massage will also release “feel good” hormones which will improve your body’s blood flow and movements and will encourage the brain to be happier and more alert.

The Gift of Facials

As we age, the blood circulation under our skin slows down and results in slower cell renewal, puffiness, and accelerated aging. A facial will increase blood circulation and will allow your skin to become healthier by renewing skin cells, eliminating toxins, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles also caused by dehydration and puffiness. A Vida facial includes a face, neck and shoulder massage. Collagen is the building block of our skin and our therapist’s massage techniques will help promote collagen production through improved circulation. With increased collagen, we prevent premature aging and sagging skin. Plus, Vida facials include a stronger exfoliation than home treatments and clean the pores on a much deeper level. This will not only maintain skin health and prevent acne even as we age, it will also allow your home products containing nutrients and antioxidants to penetrate deeper to accelerate the hydration and anti-aging process.

Both massage and facials will help the individual you gift a Vida Spa Gift Card to relax and renew their skin and body through Vida Spa’s ultimate goal; helping all Vida Fans look well, feel well, to live well.

Time is running out. Purchase a $100 gift card to any Vida Spa location and receive a FREE all-natural locally made Vida Solstice Body and Room Spray.

  • Expires December 22nd, 2023.
  • Vida Reward Dollars cannot be used the same day of gift card purchase on services.
  • Vida Dollars is not valid on RMT treatments or in conjunction with other promotions or offers.
  • Mention Vida Dollars at booking as some blackout dates may apply.
  • Not valid at Vida Whistler from 3 – 5 PM or weekends.
  • In store offer only.